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Practical Automatic Gates in Houston, TX

Customers opt to install automatic gates in Houston, TX, for a variety of reasons. Some home and business owners feel more secure with a gate. Others prefer the privacy of adding a gateway to their property. Whichever reason you have for adding a gate to your property, the important thing is that it’s installed correctly.

Gates In Motion is a company you can count on to professionally place a gate on your property. Our skilled specialists pride themselves in taking the time to come up with the optimal design to meet your specific needs.

Over time, we have installed a large number of different types of gates, and as you can see by our photo gallery, our before and after is quite dramatic. That will give you a better idea of what to expect from our services.

Automatic Gate

More Than Just an Automatic Gate Installation Company

The installation process is critical to ensure things are done to code and that they will last for some time. Our specialists are trained and have extensive experience with these installations so you can rest assured it will be done right the first time.

We also build custom gates for all residential, commercial, and gated community applications. We use 2" or larger steel for our gate frames, and 4" square X 1/4" thick or larger for gate posts. They are designed with a strong attachment point for the gate operator. The bottom of it is smooth to prevent injury when in motion. Your safety is our concern as well as the long-term serviceability of your system.

By relying on our company, we offer a team who is skilled in automatic gate repair as well. You don’t have to worry if something does go wrong down the road; we’ll promptly address it and get you up and working again.

Comprehensive Access Controls

A useful feature for our gates are the variety of access control options. Be it a remote control, keypad, card reader, windshield tag, intercom, telephone entry system, or cell phone entry system, you will be able to retain control of who enters your property. We also offer gates with emergency access and those that automatically open on approach, as well as those with reverse or stop sensors to ensure safety.

With so many choices and features, there is something that can please every taste and circumstance. Reach out to our gate company today to answer any questions you might have.

Contact our professional gate company today about your new installation. We proudly serve Houston, TX, and the surrounding area.

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Before Sharp Gate
After Sharp Gate
Before After
Before Short Gate
After Short Gate
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Before No Gate
Before After
Before Chain Link Gate
After Chain Link Gate
Before After
Before Wood Gate
After Wood Gate
Before After
Before Curved Gate After Curved Gate
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Check out our gallery and contact us for automatic gate installation near Conroe, The Woodlands, or Galveston, TX.