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Your Source for Residential Gate Access Control Systems in Houston, TX

At Gates in Motion, Inc. you have the power to maintain the safety and security of your residential areas. We sell and install residential gate access control systems in Houston, TX. Whether you are implementing a system for your apartment complex or home, we will work with you to design and implement the right solutions—and all according to your preferences.

Access control mechanisms are a sound investment. They ensure that only authorized residents or personnel gain entry to critical portions of your property. In addition, they can be changed or revised as needed, which makes it easier to regulate the flow of personnel, residents, and authorized visitors. Allow us to install a system that is the most beneficial to you and your stakeholders.

Sales and Installation

Our company stays up to date with the latest and most user-friendly entry systems. From automatic gates to terminals, we sell all of the components for effective access control mechanisms. We will also install and set everything up for you. Our complete catalog of products includes:

  • Remote Controls

  • Keypads

  • Card Readers

  • Windshield Tags

  • Intercoms

  • Telephone Entry Systems

  • Cell Phone Entry Systems

  • Emergency Access

  • Automatic Open Mechanisms

  • Reverse and Stop Sensors

Safety and security have never been more convenient. Contact us to request a consultation for our automatic gate systems and access control solutions. We serve property owners throughout Houston, TX.

EZ Tag Reader Pedestal Entry System
Keypad Snowman with Keypad
Keypad Operator Large Keypad
Keypad and Key Keypad Remote
Remote Linear Keypad
Number Pad Small Keypad
Gates in Motion Keypad Pedestal
Fire Access Card Key
Directory Remotes