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Automatic Gate Installation in Houston, TX

Transform your entire property into a gated community when you choose the right group for automatic gate installation in Houston, TX. Gates in Motion, Inc. is your source for new gating and fencing that protects more than just the landscape around your home. Our gate operators are designed to move when needed, so start asking the crucial questions about what that means for your specific location.

Residential Gate Access Control Systems

An operating system is what puts your gate into motion, and the installation of an operator is a bit more complicated than a typical garage door opener. Having a system that you can call on when the weather outside is frightful makes all the difference in the world. You should not have to settle for an unpowered gate that doesn’t enhance the value and appeal of your property.

We want you to tell us more about your needs, so you get a system that meets every requirement. Schedule a free consultation with one of our technicians today and start building an exterior that others envy.

The Answers You Need

Learn about any restrictions and limits to your ability to build new fencing in your neighborhood, and choose from a broad array of features. We offer telephone entry systems for our moving gates, so you can always stay connected to your home’s first line of defense. In the lead up to your consultation, see what others have asked when it comes to their automatic gates.

Q: Why are gate operators so much more expensive than garage door openers?
A: Gate operators are much more sophisticated than garage door openers. They must survive unprotected from the elements. They must adapt to different types of gates. They are sold in much smaller quantities. They are time intensive to install and to service. They are larger, heavier, and more durable.

Q: Why do prices vary so dramatically from one model to another?
A: Gate Operator pricing is based upon the amount of work it is expected to do. The size and weight of the gate, the number of cycles it must perform per hour, the sophistication of the controller, and expected durability all affect the price. A similar example would be lawn mowers which also range in price from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars. It is just harder to see the difference when comparing gate operators. See the next question for another reason

Q: Are there locally imposed standards or restrictions regarding gate operators?
A:  UL has a standard that is applied if the operator is to be UL Listed. However, Nevada is the only state that currently requires that operators must meet this standard. So with that one exception, as of April 2001, the answer is no. That is another reason for low priced operators.  Also check with the fire marshal, the police, and the EMS provider in your area. If the gate limits access to your property, then you may be required (or want) to provide access for emergency responders.

Q: How long should my gate operator last?
A: If the system is installed properly and is not damaged expect at least 5 years. We routinely service gate operator systems that have been installed for more than 10 years. Very few exist after 15 years.

Q: What should I do if I see the gate is going to hit my car?
A: To minimize the damage to the car and the gate …. STOP THE CAR. Let the gate hit the car. It will reverse or in the worst case just stop. Do not move the car until the gate is clear. Always approach an open gate with the understanding that it may start to close and plan accordingly. Never stop in the path of a gate. Treat it like a rail road crossing.

Q: What keeps the gate from hitting a car or person?
A:  In the most basic system the answer is the person who is pressing the button that puts the gate in motion can press the same button again and the gate will either stop or reverse. Photo beams will detect if an object is in the path of the gate and either stop or reverse the gate or prevent it from moving until the path is clear. In ground loops sense vehicles only.

Q: Can I use my cell phone to open or close the gate?
A: Yes you can. We have several options now to choose how to best use your phone or the internet to control access for you and for others.

Q: Can I use the same remote control for my gate operator that I do for my garage door?
A: Sometimes. Of course you would need a separate button for each door and gate unless they are far enough apart to prevent operating both devices at the same time. Not all gate operator radio receivers will be compatible with the garage door radio receiver. This can usually be accommodated by changing or adding a compatible radio receiver to one of the devices.

Q: Can I program the remote control to remote buttons in my car?
A: Usually but not always. Like the answer for the garage door we may need to add another compatible receiver to do so.

Q: How do I let my guests, meter readers, family members, delivery people, etc. in?
A: This can be a difficult and expensive problem to solve. Anything from a push button or keypad to a cellular entry device can be used. We will need to spend some time working with you on this issue.

Q: How do I know which operator system is right for me?
A: Read "The Basics" then give us a call. We will be glad to work with you to help you decide.