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Maintenance Tips

The following tips will improve your experience with you gate operator and reduce the frequency of service calls. Be sure you know how to operate your gate manually. Be sure that no one will activate the gate when you are performing any service to it.

Most moving parts will require lubrication. Using the proper lubricant is very important. Dusty conditions always require more frequent service.

Moisture is the enemy of your system. Do not let a sprinkler system spray on any part of the system. It is designed for rain but not for treated water from the sprinklers being forced onto it from the ground up. Watch for rust and treat it as soon as possible with lubrication or paint as appropriate.

If you have a chain, it will rust and bind. Lubricate it with chain lube on a monthly basis or as needed to prevent rust build up. Excessive slack must be adjusted out. You may need to call us to do this as sometimes links must be removed.

If you have an actuator arm that moves in a cylinder, it will need a non-petroleum based lubricant applied to the shaft. Use a silicon based lubricant after wiping any dust or dirt off. This only needs to be done when a squealing is heard or annually in most cases.

If you have hinges, they will need grease quarterly from a grease gun (unless you had us install the sealed ball bearing type which requires no maintenance.) 

If your machine has batteries you will need to determine if they are sealed or if they will need water added. Check and add water quarterly or more often if needed. This is the time to watch for any corrosion as well.

Most batteries will need to be replaced between 2 and 4 years of service depending on the usage. This can be a do it yourself project in some cases. In others it may pay to have us do it as control boards must be removed and care must be taken not to damage sensitive components.

Watch for any damage to electrical wiring. Turn off power to the machine and call us as soon as you see this.

We are glad to answer your questions and advise you if we can do so safely.